Arto Ape Aaltonen

Senior Web Developer

Founder of,, and co-founder of Stardoll

Modern & Typed PHP (Laravel, Slim, PHPUnit, Pest, Psalm, PHPStan), Docker, AWS, APIs, MySQL, Redis, Javascript, Linux, Web Analytics, SEO, Raspberry Pi, IoT, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Marketing Automation

I enjoy making electronic music. In 2005 my track C-4 - San Diego was heavily played in Finnish radio stations. Check out my recent demos below.

Project: Real time energy meter with Raspberry Pi (in Finnish).

Total energy prices in Finland within Caruna operating area (in Finnish).

Tool: How to save RuuviTag sensor data to cloud (in Finnish).

Check out my wife's pastry business Kakkuvelhotar in Sauvo and my brother's flower field business BusinesspƶrriƤinen also in Sauvo (both in Finnish).